About Me

I'm Claudia.

I found my calling into the world of photography as an art major in college. Like a siren calling sailors out into the depths of the oceans, that is how photography beckoned to me and I answered the call the with my whole heart and soul.

I dabble in a little bit of everything.

I can photograph your family or your milestone maternity moment.

I can photograph a wedding.

But I LOVE all things unique, product, equestrian and pets.

So, give me all the equine portraits, horse shows and all of your fur babies (feathers and scales too)!

I am the animal whisperer.

With many courses and education under my belt, I can't wait to show you my skills.

Give me my trusty Canon camera and I'll make all the magic that we will both swoon over.

Now, that you know a little bit about me professionally, I'd love for you to get me know me a little bit personally! Because we do need to connect on both of those levels, correct?

I own a farm.

Yes, a whole farm.

I have five horses at home: Bear, Masha, Bastian, Nico (The Unicorn) and Arie as well as my two boarders Martini and Ella. (My Masha girl is pictured to the left with me); a whole lot of chickens with various names; a turkey appropriately named Prince; six super fun ducks; two dogs - Scout and Rufus; eight wonderful house/barn cats, and every single one of these glorious creatures make up my whole heart.

I am a DC fanatic. Batgirl is where it is at.

Traveling is something I am always down for: whether it be just for adventure or for photography.

I love to cook.

Cats > Dogs.

Horses > Anything.

I can't wait to build your UNIQUE session with you!

Client Love

Client Love

“Claudia did a wonderful job with our newborn. She was so patient and took her time to make sure that he was happy before. The photos she took were stunning!”