Is it worth the cost?

As an equestrian we all know EVERYTHING good is expensive. But is it all really, that good? I got my mare three years ago and she was diagnosed with kissing spine. While it's been a journey to say the least, we haven't given up! I came across an ad for a position at ThinLine, I had no idea it was so local to me. I applied, and started what I thought was going to be a long lasting amazing job.

What a dream to be an in house photographer for a well known company. Right. That's a whole other story.

I am so lucky to have had the experience of being able to try just about ALL of ThinLine's lineup.

I was talking about my Masha and her kissing spine and was given a sheepskin half pad (as recommended by our saddle fitter as a good alternative to start our rehab journey). For years I was never able to post the trot on Masha, she'd panic and it was never pretty.

So, adding the Trifecta Sheepskin Half Pad and newly fitted saddle, we posted our first trot!!

When I tell you I cried, there were literal sobby happy tears rolling down my face, I'm not even exaggerating in the slightest.

This lasted a little while, and we went down hill again. I don't truly see the shock absorption it claims, more so bouncing the energy back up to me.

Great for bouncy beginners, but lacking the connection I was hoping for. I was lucky to be a part of the team at the warehouse, to be right in the heart of design and production, I was able to see the quality work the sewing team provided putting the pads together. I learned the difference in quality of the foam from other years. It wasn't too consistent.

While I don't have anything bad to say about the pad, I also don't feel as though the price tag matches the quality.

My favorite item!

On the other hand, lets talk about the girth. This girth is absolutely swoon worthy! It's so soft and so supple. It was absolutely worth the investment!! After every ride or lunge I simply take a baby wipe to it and voila! Clean! Another wonderful thing is, let's say it's wet, and your girth gets muddy.... hose that puppy off!

That's a huge benefit of the ThinLine foam, it doesn't retain moisture. While it may seem your horse is sweating more, it's really just the same sweat NOT being absorbed.

These boots are tough!

Another fun product is the Gatorbootz! My horse lives out, in the woods, on rough terrain, 24/7. We've gone through many of those Velcro rubber bells. The Gatorbootz have a locking mechanism that really locks those things on. No joke!

If you plan to remove them daily, I don't recommend these. They're really, really hard to snap on and pull off.... tools are needed! BUT if you want them to stay on like I do, highly recommend!

Splint boots? I think so!

One last piece of tack I truly enjoyed is the Flexible Filly Splint Boots. While I have found they retain more heat than some splint boots, the fact that they don't hold on to the yuk sold me, it's anti-microbial agents are directly injected into the foam. Best part, simple hose down and they're good as new! Strong enough for turnout, light enough for daily riding!


I could go on about each individual product I've tested, but we'll save that for another post. I'd like to conclude my personal review with ThinLine products, like others, can be a hit or miss. You just have to find what's best for your horse. The quality is there for most of their tack, but personally I just don't see the price tag reflecting on the pads - mostly by comparing them to other companies with similar claims. To reiterate, that girth y'all... go get one, or three! I wish I had gotten more sizes while I was there.

March 2022

We started a very long rehab journey. Thanks to our wonderful saddle fitter and a ThinLine pad.