Digital Marketing

You work hard to produce a quality program with talented horses; that professionalism and expertise should be showcased in your digital marketing efforts.

Farm shoots are a team effort; we’ll work one-on-one to customize our session and your images to your individual business goals, whether you’re showcasing sales prospects, promoting your stallion or marketing your training services.

By entrusting all of the details, planning and post-production to an experienced professional photographer, you’re free to focus on what you do best—caring for your horses and growing your business.

Commercial Session

Elevate Your Brand with Our Professional Touch!

Your brand is your identity, and we're here to make sure it shines above the rest.

Let us provide you with that competitive edge and a powerful platform to showcase your products and services.


Our commercial sessions are tailor-made for businesses aiming to elevate their marketing game and capture the essence of their brand.

We cater to all types of businesses, offering everything from top-notch in-studio product photography to stylish live-model sessions in exclusive locations.

Are you striving for that extra edge in your market?

Rest assured, we take the time to listen and personalize your session, ensuring all your unique needs are met.

In today's competitive market, standing out is essential. Our commercial sessions are the perfect solution for businesses seeking to take their marketing to new heights and craft imagery that truly represents their brand.

Your brand is your statement, and we're here to help you share it with the world.

Discover our specialized pricing options for commercial sessions, tailored to your specific needs. Let's turn your brand into a standout success story!


When an image will be seen by thousands of eyes and prospective buyers, there’s no room for anything less than perfection. Professionally captured conformation images minimize distractions and blemishes while ensuring all the attention goes to your horse’s best attributes. Top-quality images reflect the caliber and value of the horse pictured and stop buyers or mare owners in their scroll, often leading to more qualified inquiries and faster sales.


Perfectly timed, professionally captured liberty images showcase the incomparable natural ability of your horse in a way videos or static conformation photos cannot - freezing his movement at all the right moments and drawing attention to his strengths, beauty and potential.  We'll either turn your horse loose in a paddock or pasture. There are times freedom isn't an option. I can have you longe your horse while I capture photos and later remove the halter and longe line in Photoshop.

Under Saddle

You and your horse work extremely hard to build your bond and skills under saddle. What's a better way to celebrate your accomplishments than by capturing where you are in your journey with gorgeous portraiture? Allow me to capture you two moving in harmony or showing off skills, or just having fun running around an open field. Let's document those goals you've achieved together with unforgettable images that will last a lifetime.

Farm Session

You devote hours to building your facility’s environment, amenities and experience—and that attention to detail shouldn’t go unnoticed by potential customers. Whether you’re a farrier, bodyworker, trainer, chiropractor, braider or saddle fitter, your time is precious and your brand is valuable. Before a horse owner will hire you, he/she must know what you do and who you are, and trust you with their horse’s health and wellbeing. High-caliber brand photography on your website and digital marketing instantly communicates your values, expertise, program details, and level of care to your ideal clients.


$250 per horse

This collection includes

-Photo Session
-5 Digital Images for Social Media Sharing and Media Print
-$50 Print Credit

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In each gallery is the option to visit our shop and purchase any additional print or digitals you may like. We offer many different sizes and items, including canvas, metal and wood prints!

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